TOPBOX Review January 2017

Topbox is a $12 personalized monthly subscription box that is based in Canada. They include all things beauty. You can subscribe to receive your own beauty box at

Here are the items I received and some pros and cons for each of them:

MaskerAide: Spotted! Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches (8 sheets $25)


Sample Size: 2 sheets $6.25

Pros:These acne spot treatments helped with reducing the redness of my pimples and it pulled up some of the dirt and oil that was trapped inside. I really like this product and having been using it while I sleep. I will definitely repurchase this product.

Cons: They are completely clear which makes it a bit easier to miss one when removing, so I would advise to take one last look before going on with your day.

Available at

Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat (14 mL $9.95)


Sample Size: 3.6 mL $2.94

Pros: This top coat applied to my nail very easily and left a smooth finish. It also  wasn’t sticky like most top coats are.

Cons: This top coat smelled heavily like spray paint and did not have a normal nail polish smell at all. It also did not protect my nails from chipping for very long. Within 3 days almost all of my nails had a chip in the polish. This polish did dry quickly compared to other top coats I have used, but it still took about 30 minutes to dry and that is not “quick dry” to me.

Available at professional nail salons.

Voesh New York: Voesh Pedi Mud Masque in Olive Sensation (3.5 x 5.5 $7.99)


Pros:This mud mask has a very refreshing smell which includes a very citrus smell. I included before and after pictures and you can tell that it did slightly remove some dead skin and it loosened up the remaining skin. This product also made my feet feel really soft.

Cons: This product is very awkward to use if you are by yourself. I would suggest sitting near a bathtub or have your rinse water ready. I think to see a noticeable difference, I would have to continue to use this mud mask.

Available at

Bella Aura Skincare: Gentle Purifying Cleanser (100mL  $45)


Sample Size: 10 mL $4.50

Pros:  This cleanser made my face feel clean and refreshed. I used it in the morning before any of my other makeup applications.

Cons: This face cleaner has a very strong ointment smell. It is also a really thin and runny formula which makes it a bit difficult to apply.

Available at

The total retail price for the products in this month’s box is about $21.68


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