Topbox Review December 2016

Topbox is a $12 personalized monthly subscription box that is based in Canada. They include all things beauty. You can subscribe to receive your own beauty box at

Here are the items I received and some pros and cons for each of them:

Bella Aura Skincare: Instant Lifting Eye Contour (30 mL $125)


Sample size: 10 mL $42.67

Pros:  Using this eye contour did make the skin around my eyes feel tighter. It did give a slight lifting effect.

Cons: The price of this product is insane and I didn’t think it made enough of a difference to pay that much. I do not think this product is worth the price, but I also didn’t use it continuously.

Available at

Cake Beauty: Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair (3.4 oz $22)


Sample size: 1 oz $6.47

Pros: This lotion has a slight coconut smell, which is very pleasant.

Cons:Like I have previously stated in my reviews, I don’t like receiving lotion because I already own too many different kinds. This lotion is very thick, just as advertised. I don’t have dry skin, so it just felt like it wouldn’t soak into my skin.

Available at

Laritzy Cosmetics: Pro Blender (1 blender $16.29)


Full size

Pros:I like the shape of this blender because it makes it easier to grip and control. I think including this in the box was a really great idea and I would love more things like this. It applied my concealer perfectly and didn’t leave any streaks or creases.

Cons:I don’t have anything bad to say about this product, except it had a bit of a plastic smell when I first opened it, but it quickly disappeared.

Available at

Fusion Beauty: StimuLashFusion Brow Duo (2 x 0.1 fl oz $53.64)


Sample size: 0.017 oz $4.56

Pros: This grooming gel does exactly what it says it will do. It kept my brow hairs in line and kept them from spreading out on their own.

Cons: I found that this brow gel made my eyebrows look a bit greasy. I try to keep as much attention from my brows as possible and I felt like this attracted attention to them.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and

Coupons and Discounts:

Visit to redeem your $40 gift card, use the following coupon code: off40topbox (Applicable for purchases of $100 or more). To redeem your  $20 gift card, use the code off20topbox (Applicable for purchases of $50 or more) *Expires March 1, 2017

The total retail price for the products in this month’s box is about $70


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