Topbox Review November 2016

Topbox is a $12 personalized monthly subscription box that is based in Canada. They include all things beauty. You can subscribe to receive your own beauty box at

Here are the items I received and some pros and cons for each of them:

Smashbox: Full Exposure Mascara (11.5 mL $29.45)


Sample Size:  4 mL $10.23

Pros:I really enjoyed this mascara, it was not cakey, and it made my eyelashes look full.

Cons:  It didn’t work to layer this mascara. When I tried, the first layer just flaked off.

Available at and Sephora.

Bliss: Lemon + Sage Body Butter (200 mL $29)


Sample size: 30 mL $4.35

Pros: This lotion is very lightweight and soaks into the skin quickly. It also smells fresh, but not overpowering.

Cons:I have been receiving lotion in most of my previous boxes and I have way more than I need. This lotion will be regifted to someone else.

Available at Sephora and

Elizabeth Arden: Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (50 mL $21)


Sample size: 5 mL $2.10

Pros:This product is not very oily and it soaks into the skin quickly. I used it on my cuticles and it softened them up nicely to do a manicure.

Cons: This cream smells slightly like medical ointment, which I didn’t really enjoy.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, and Rexall.

China Glaze: Nail Lacquer (14 mL $10)


Full size

Pros:My favourite thing about this nail polish is that it only needed one coat to be opaque. It also dried fairly quickly and it includes a hardener, which is something that I need for my nails.

Cons: The colour of this nail polish is not one that I would choose. It comes of as a dull gray with a purple hue. It also doesn’t last very long, the nail polish was chipping within a couple of days of wear.

Available at professional nail salons.

The total retail price for the products in this month’s box is about $26.68


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