Unilever Box September 2016


This month Topbox sent a comlimentary Unilever box along with their monthly subscribtion box. There was no information card because it was free of charge, so I used different websites to get a rough estimate of what each of these items are worth.

You can currently buy a Unilever Beauty Box at https://ca.topboxcollective.com/pages/unilever. They are $10 a piece and there are 2 different boxes to choose from. I recieved the blue one in the mail.

Dove: Deep Moisture Body Wash (354mL $3.97)


Sample Size: 53mL $0.60

Pros: This body wash did leave my skin feeling soft. It has a very typical soap smell.

Cons: After getting out of the shower, my skin felt like it had a layer of soap stuck to it. I wouldn’t purchase this body wash again.

Degree: Fresh Energy Dry Spray (107g $4.97)


Full Size

Pros: This deoderant has a nice citrus smell. It lasted the whole time that I was sweating and kept my armpits smelling fresh. It also does not leave any white residue on my shirts.

Cons: It did not last very long. I had to reapply it 3 times during the day and it definitely would not last 48 hours like the bottle states. It also has a very wide spraying range, which wastes a lot of product that just blows into the air.


Nexxus: Therappe Shampoo (89mL $3.96) and Nexxus: Humectress Conditioner (89mL $4.99)


Full Travel Size

Pros: I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner. They leave y hair really soft and silky. They also have a pleasent smell to them. Throughout the day my hair maintains its softness.

Cons: The bottles were only about half full and I wish there would have been more included in these sample bottles. I also wish that they were all natural because as I stated in a previous post, I am trying to introduce my hair to only natural products.

Nexxus: Comb Through Finishing Mist Hairspray (10 oz $13.99)


Sample Size: 42.4g $2.10

Pros: It has a really nice fruity smell, which is nice change from the typical hair spray smells. It is really light and perfect for a quick spray before heading out the door.

Cons: It doesn’t have a very strong hold, so it wouldn’t be very good to use on a hairstyle that you would want to stay all day or is dependent on hairspray.

Simple: Facial Cleansing Wipes (25 ct $5.99)


Sample Size: 7 ct $1.68

Pros: These facial wipes work great to remove makeup. It took off even the darkest of eyeshadows with minimun effort. It left my skin feeling refreshed and not at all oily.

Cons: I do wish that the package came with a few more wipes.

St. Ives: Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub (6oz $4.79)


Sample Size: 30mL $0.80

Pros: This facial scrub has a light apricot smell and has 100% natural exfoliants.

Cons: This product is realy hard to rub in and it has given me more acne than I already have. It has not helped my skin at all.

TRESemmé: Tres Two Hair Spray (311g $5.99)


Sample Size: 43g $0.83

Pros: This is a hairspray that I have used before receiving it in this box. It has a very strong hold and I can trust it with even the most complicated of hairstyles.

Cons: It has the very typical hairspray smell, which is not very pleasent in my opinion. It does a very good job at keeping hair in place, but that means in leaves the hair very stiff.

Vaseline: Dry Skin Repair Lotion (295mL $6.99)


Sample Size: 100mL $2.38

Pros: This lotion has a light fragrance and it leaves the skin feeling soft and moistenend. It is not at all greasy.

Cons: It is a little bit thick and takes awhile to rub into the skin.

Vaseline: Lip Therapy Original (17g $4.99)


Full Size

Pros: This product left my lips feeling really smooth and soft. It also has no scent and is not at all sticky.

Cons: I do wish that it came in a different applicator, instead of using my fingers or a small brush to carry around.

The total value of this Unilever Beauty Box is about $27.30


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