Topbox Review September 2016

Topbox is a $12 personalized monthly subscription box that is based in Canada. They include all things beauty. You can subscribe to receive your own beauty box at

Here are the items I received and some pros and cons for each of them:

Boo Bamboo: Hair Strengthening Shampoo (300 mL $9.99) and Strengthen And Shine Conditioner (300 mL $9.99)

Sample Size: 15 mL $0.50 each

*Disclaimer* | used the shampoo and conditioner as instructed, so my reviews will be for how they work together and not each product individually.

Pros: This shampoo and conditioner made my hair super soft and silky. My hair was very easy to brush through with minimal knots. They both have all natural formulas, which is a bonus for me.

Cons: Because of the length of my hair, I could only get 2 uses out of these products. I really enjoyed using them and wished they would have come in larger sizes. The shampoo and conditioner also have a strong earthy smell, which is not something I liked.

Available at , , Loblaws, Whole Foods, Rexall, Winners, Marshalls, Homesense, and individual natural food stores

BVspa By Bon Vital’: Body Lotion (236.6mL $11.99)


Sample Size: 30 mL $1.52

Pros: This lotion was extremely soft and had a very light, fruity smell.

Cons: I don’t enjoy receiving lotions because I have way too many as it is already. This lotion was nice, but I would have rather received something else instead.

Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Delectable: Everything Balm (20mL $20.81)


Sample Size: 7mL $7.28

I used this balm for everything it mentioned on the front of the tube so that I could give it a fair review.

Pros: I found that this product works the best when it is used for dry lips. It is not sticky and is very light and smooth. When using it for my cuticles, it still left my dry skin in place, but it was not nearly as oily as my other cuticle creams. It did soak into the dry skin on my heels nicely ans left them feeling smooth. It worked really well to tame my eyebrow hairs. I will definitely be keeping this in my makeup bag.

Cons: I tried using it to seal my split ends, but it just made my hair look dirty and oily. When using it to illuminate my cheekbones and brighten my dark circles it left my face feeling sticky and very oily all day. This product also had a really weird smell that reminded me of play-doh.

Available at

Make Up For Ever: Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (1.01 oz $52)


Sample Size: 0.16 oz $8.24

Pros: This was by far my favourite item in this month’s Topbox. I have been looking to try a new foundation brand, so I was very exciting to see this in the box. It is very light and does not feel cakey on my skin at all. It also blends into my skin really nicely.

Cons: This colour was a shade too dark for my skin, but it did blend out nicely and will be perfect for next summer.

Available at Sephora and

The total retail price for the products in this month’s box is about $18.04.


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